Sunday, February 26, 2012

Letters, letters, everywhere

I've had a great time cutting out all these letters for my current quilt project. I've cut out 24 pieced letters so far and have 11 more to go. Whew. That sounds like a lot, but it has really gone pretty quickly. I have been able to get each color pieced, and cut out during our morning school time this week. It has been a three day week, so a rate of about 8 letters per day. My kids are having fun watching the letters come together and are convinced that this quilt will have their names on it! But I'm not telling!

I really must have some kind of obsession with these colors. My kitchen, after all, is decorated in the same colors! {That's a mixing bowl and teapot in the top of the first picture, and if my kitchen were cleaner, I'd show you the rest of my citrus-y decor!} I totally did not plan that and didn't even notice until I was figuring out where to take my pics!

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