Friday, March 16, 2012

Hometown Surprise

Meet the newest addition to my stash....

{Lollipop Bananas by Sandy Gervais for Moda}

I'm in my hometown, visiting my parents this weekend. When my mom told me about a new quilt shop in town, I have to admit that I had my reservations. I mean, it's my hometown and I love it, but we're talking about small-town Kansas here. I had no expectations in terms of modern quilts and fabric...

So imagine my surprise when I walked in and found a small assortment of modern fabrics. They carried quite a bit of Moda fabrics among other things, some of which I hadn't actually ever seen in person... You know it's always better when you see it in person. I now have a new list of fabrics to collect!

It took some major restraint to stick to the sale rack. I'm on a budget, after all. {That comment was simply to put my hubby's mind at ease, as he got left at home this time.} I picked up only a half yard of this cute Lollipop Bananas as I'm currently collecting yellow fabrics and I thought this would make a cute addition to my stash!

I will be definitely adding a trip to the Friendship Star Quilt Co. in El Dorado, Kansas to my itenerary for every trip back home from now on! At least I can leave my children with Gramma and Papa- there will be no grumbling on vacation!

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  1. Loved your visit and our trip to the quilt shop! We'll make it a tradition! mom