Monday, April 30, 2012

making sandwiches

Making my "quilt sandwiches" is the one part of quilting that I really don't enjoy. I have made a quilt sandwich in many of the rooms in my house. The problem is that I have to move furniture, roll up area rugs and majorly clean my floors before I make them. Well, the floor cleaning part isn't really a big problem, it actually kinda makes me a multi-tasker of sorts. The largest room in my house has carpet and no furniture. Go figure.

Anyway, this is the most recent place I have tried. I thought the kitchen might be appropriate for making a sandwich. And it had happened to be freshly cleaned, but with 2 kids, a hubby and a dog, the kitchen floor is typically about the dirtiest floor in the house (aside from the little boy's bathroom!)

I did manage to get this sandwich made, but it was by no means a good set-up. There's not much room to walk around it for rearranging the fabric and batting layers. I'm just wondering if anyone else has this problem. I really want to make a queen sized quilt for my bed, but I don't know where I would make my sandwich. The one in the picture is throw-sized. I don't have a place to do a larger quilt. It really does pose a problem... (I really can't believe I have thought that far ahead. It's just not like me!) I might just have to find a place outside of my house!

p.s. When you can't find your blue painters tape to secure the fabric to the floor, don't use scotch tape. You will ruin your fingernails trying to scratch it off the porcelain tile! (Of course you will ruin your nails with the basting pins anyway.)


  1. We should have a sandwich-making party for guild some weekend. That room at The Heights would be PERFECT (sans all of the folding chairs)! :)

  2. I baste all my quilts on a table - even queen size. Let me know if you want to know how it's done. Sure saves you a lot of trouble!

    1. Cindy-
      I would love to know how you do it. I have done mine on a table before and had so much trouble with keeping the layers smooth! I do the little ones on the table with no problem. It's just those biggies!

    2. Oh my goodness I would love to know this too! I guess we will both be chatting with you on Saturday!

  3. Kyndra, I have the same problem. I can probably squeeze a 60x 70 in my hallway, but anything bigger and I will have issues. Thankfully for now my Master Bedroom is torn down to the original floor/walls, so I can baste it there if I am desperate. I just have to clean up all the sawdust from the room first.