Friday, April 20, 2012

my stash...

Today I uploaded a pic of my stash to Amy Butler's Show Me Your Stash contest on Flickr. I thought you all might want to see my stash, too. This is my sewing corner of our family room. The other half of this room is used for school. As you can see, my stash is quite small. Although my hubby probably thinks it is growing too quickly, I feel like it cannot grow quickly enough! Maybe I should show him all the other stashes of Flickr. Yes, I'll do that! Do you think it will help my cause?

  • On the top shelf, I have my knitting/crochet projects, tatting supplies, solid scraps and a bag of miscellaneous scraps that I can't seem to part with.
  • On the second shelf are my solids that are not scraps and jars with thread, tools, pencils, ect. I love see-through containers. My organization may not make sense, but at least I can see what is in each container!
  • On the third shelf is the majority of my stash- all those unused lovely prints that are longing for a home in a project.
  • The bottom two shelves have various notions and tools. It's kind of sad that I have more notions and tools than fabric.
  • The box on the ground holds all my batting scraps, various other non quilting fabric and a few clothing repair projects that I know I'll never get to!
  • There are two tubs full of fabric that is nonquilting fabric in my hubby's office. I probably should go through them someday and see what kind of goodies I've forgotten that I have! The rest of my patterns and notions reside there, too. I'm in the process of moving them all to my little sewing corner.

I purchased my wonderful and used drafting table several months ago. It has a protective mat onto that is immune to my rotary cutter and protects the wood top. That's the real heartbreaker when it comes to my damaged dining room table. If only I just would have been working in the appropriate space... The reason why not? Well, little gnomes come into my house at night and make my work space a disaster. I think they love to pull fabric of the shelves and look at it for long periods of time. Those silly gnomes, such daydreamers. There simply was too much of a mess to be working on my sewing table that shamefully terrible day. {And most days for that matter!} Hmmmm.... maybe a nice note and some cookies would convince those gnomes to clean up after themselves.

This next pic is of the precious scraps that I simply cannot part with. {I am a fabric hoarder, likely because of my lack thereof.} I put them in mason jars and placed them on this shelf as "decoration" for my seriously under-decorated sewing room. Only a sewist/quilter decorates with fabric scraps, I'm sure! I saw the idea of putting scraps in jars on one of the blogs I read quite some time ago, but I simply cannot remember which blog it was... so I cannot give credit. I think I need some other things to go on this shelf, maybe some sewy/quilty things. That lens cap just isn't doing anything for me!

And last, but not least is the silly pic. You see, everytime I take pictures of the kids, I tell them that they have to smile nice and then they get to do a silly one, or two or three. It works every time. My sweet little boy thought that I needed to do a silly pic since I smiled so nicely for the first one! I was only too happy to oblige!

Happy Friday, everyone! I'm planning on a full day of sewing tomorrow! I can't wait!


  1. Love that table and that chair! It was fun to see your sewing space!

  2. Wow...cute area Ms. Brown! & I love the T-shirt too! Have a great sewing day!

  3. Thank you for taking us on a tour of your sewing space. The drafting table is super cool.