Wednesday, July 25, 2012

finished siggy blocks

This is the post where I'm supposed to show you my finished siggy blocks.

{insert siggy block photo here}

I finished them up. I really did. And then I took a quick photo of them. I packaged them up all nicely and I dropped them off at the post office.

Then I came home, took the card out of my camera and sat it on my laptop, for just a second.

You know what happened? It got knocked off...... and the dog chewed it up.

Therefore, I have no photo to proudly show you. And no memory card for my camera. Did you know that a memory card is roughly the same price as a yard of fabric? Grrrrrr.... just blew through the rest of my fabric budget for the month. :(

Good thing August is only a week away! :)


  1. Oh, NO! Good job on the finish, though. I haven't started mine yet. :(

  2. The dog ate your...memory card? Well at least the receiver can take a picture to send you, looking forward to seeing them sooner or later!