Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Oh Deer!- mod d9p style

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I'm happy to be able to finally show you my finished Mod D9P. This was such a fun and quick quilt to make. I'm sure I'll be making more of these soon!

I used half of my Oh Deer! charm pack for this. I wanted it to be more of a gender neutral or even a boy quilt, so I picked through my charm pack and took out all the reds, pinks and florals. I was left with greens, browns, blues and oranges. Perfect. The neutrals are Kona Bone and Kona Kahki. I backed and bound it in the orange polka dot.

I quilted it with orange thread using the serpentine stitch on my sewing machine. The serpentine stitch made this project go so quickly! I roughly followed the seams in the quilt and I didn't have to do any marking prior to quilting. The wavy lines hide any imperfections in my ability to sew a straight line! Awesome!

I tend to have so much trouble finding places to photograph my quilts. My home really doesn't have a great space to photograph anything and it was super windy at the park today, so I just got one decent shot. I decided to come home and just do a few pics with it laying on the floor. I have so much trouble trying to take a photo that shows it's true color! Where do you take your quilt photos?


  1. Oh Kyndra...it's great! Thanks for sharing my tutorial. I don't have any nice places to take photos in my house; but I have some nice places outside in my yard.

  2. Love it! I need to try that serpentine stitch, I have seen it everywhere lately! I have no places in my house to take pictures. Not even outside. Today we went to the park to get pictures, that worked great (at least I think it did).

  3. I've used the serpentine stitch in the past. It is a "go to" stitch for me. I need to experiment with other decorative stitches when quilting.

    We are fortunate to live in an atrium ranch with a bank of windows which allows lots of natural light to flood the house. My husband is a good sport about helping me display quilts over the banister while I click away with the camera.

    Lovely D9P!

  4. Love your quilt, it is perfect! Love the way you used the serpentine stitch for the quilting and the orange thread. Great job and well done. I posted Kristy's tutorial on my blog as well. I hope readers went and checked it out.

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  5. I understand about the picture problem. I have written some patterns, and just can't seem to get pictures I'm happy with. Hard to get the light right, and the colors don't print true. If you figure it out, let me know. (-:

  6. Beautiful quilt- the serpentine stitch is perfect for quilting!

  7. Gorgeous in all respects! I have done a disappearing 9 patch with lots of solids in the blocks and used them as a basis for a small wall hanging. I'm going to try it on a larger scale. Thanks for the inspiration!