Friday, June 8, 2012

tatted cuff bracelet

I have been working on this cuff bracelet for quite some time. Black thread is so difficult to tat with if you are a novice like I am. I have to undo my stitches all the time and you need good light for that! I do a lot of my tatting at the park while my children play. Sunlight is simply the best!

I am truly a novice. It took me weeks of viewing online tutorials to finally figure out to do this. I wish I knew someone who tatted. This is one of those things that would be so much easier to learn in person. This is the second time I have tried stiffening my tatting. I am not pleased with the outcome, so it looks like I will be doing a little more research on that. I'll likely be washing this one and trying again. The rest of my pieces are still drying. I hope I can get them on the blog this weekend!


  1. It looks gorgeous! I tried tatting a number of years ago, enjoyed it and meant to do actually projects but I set down my shuttle shortly after and forgot about it. I'll have to give it a go again. Thanks for the reminder!