Saturday, July 14, 2012

double take

I just wanted to show you my second finished Summersville quilted pillow. I felt like I needed a matching set although they are not actually totally matching. The center squares are the same, but the rest is random. The second one is also quilted just a little different from the first. I quilted triangles inside the triangles on the second one instead of doing circles. I like the circles better, though...

I also quilted the back of the pillows. My stitches looked great until I pulled them out of the dryer. The stitches look really bizarre. It's like the tension on my machine is off on every other stitch so they look coupled together. Anyone know why that is? I'm wondering if it's from the fabric shrinking. Or because I was using up my polyester thread (gasp!) on a project I knew would never leave my living room. Hmmmm.... I've never had that happen to me before. I guess I'd better figure it out before I make another quilt!


  1. That's too bad about your stitching. Usually washing improves that kind of thing. I've only had one instance where washing made the stitches funny - I had mixed up my bobbins so I was using cotton on top but polyester on the bottom. The pillows look lovely, anyways. :-)

  2. My guess is that it has more to do with tension than anything else. In any event, the pillows are fabulous! That Summersville fabric is super cool!