Monday, July 16, 2012

vintage trunk

My hubby and I found this great vintage Oshkosh trunk at a local antique shop. Treasure Isles Antique Mall on Big Bend Blvd in St. Louis is one of our favorite places to antique shop. There are so many goodies in there and the inventory changes so much. We are never disappointed when we go there.

The best we can tell, this is from the 1930s and has traveled throughout Europe, to and from New York several times. Those travel stickers are in rough shape, but they were fun to look over and try to read. The kids had fun imagining all the places this trunk had been.

The trunk is in pretty rough shape. Someone tried to pry it open and the lock is cut off, but that is what makes it a GREAT coffee table. We can put our feet up on it and not have to worry about scratching it! After so many years of being of the anti-coffee table club, I can finally say that I have truly converted!

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