Tuesday, July 10, 2012

little lamb softie


When I picked up Rashida Coleman-Hale's book, i [heart] patchwork, at the library a couple of weeks ago, I had no idea that I was about to be suckered into making a softie. I have never had the desire to make a softie before. It seemed like so much work.

Well, that's likely because I had never seen the little lamb in this book. I fell hard. In love. With this little lamb. And I really must admit that I had fun making her. It took me an afternoon to make the lamb and a couple of hours to make the skirt. Not to bad.

Isn't she cute? This happens to be the baby season, so I know a bunch of pregnant mommas. I decided to make this little lamb for one of those precious yet-to-be-born babies. Don't tell anyone, but I might just make another one. For myself.

I just adore the way her tail peeks out from under that skirt. I love the skirt, too. I'm thinking this baby girl might need a skirt that matches her little lamb. Hmmm....

I have been collecting fabric for a little while now. For this lamb, I only had to buy the sherpa fleece. I pulled everything else from my stash. Even the linen. It felt nice to be able to make a project from my stash. I guess all that collecting has paid off!


  1. Adorable!!! Love the Pom poms.

  2. I made this little softie for a baby's first birthday. Wasn't she fun to make? Toooooo adorable!

  3. This is absolutely darling. Love it!

  4. Kyndra! She's SO cute! I love her! Not many people are brave enough to make the lamb softie and she's one of my favorite projects from the book! I'm SO happy that you made her and enjoyed it! She's so stinkin' cute and you did an awesome job! XO ~R

    1. Thank you so much! I adore the little lamb and the pattern was just wonderful. I know I'll be making more in the future. I already have requests! :)