Wednesday, March 13, 2013

my washi dress

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When I first saw the Washi Dress pattern, I knew I wanted to make one! They are so cute, and summer is coming. One of my favorite parts about summer is all the casual dresses in my closet. I don't think you can beat a cotton dress for comfort and versatility. I think a little navy sweater would be adorable over this dress for spring.

Washi Dress
The pattern pieces and instructions were super easy to follow. I would say that even a confident beginner could make this dress with ease. While the pattern doesn't include instructions for a lining, the website includes step-by-step video tutorials on how to make this dress with a lining. The videos are incredibly helpful easy to follow.

I chose a sleeveless version of the dress. I used a mustard yellow cotton chevron print I picked up for a great price at a local quilt shop that was going out of business. While I didn't intend the fabric for this dress, I landed on it while browsing through my stash. It is a quilting cotton, but soft and I really thought it would drape well. I chose to make my dress with just a bodice lining instead of a full lining. and I used the same fabric for the bodice lining as I did for the dress. In retrospect, I would choose to line the whole dress instead of just the top. I really think it's necessary, especially with a lighter weight fabric.

The back of this dress is shirred, so there is no need for a zipper (yay!) For me, that was really the draw to this pattern. If you haven't shirred fabric before, you definitely shouldn't let that deter you- it's fun and kind of magical. Really. A zipper is definitely a run-for-the-hills deterrent. The pattern gives thorough instructions for this. Piece of cake. I promise.

If I were to make this dress again- and I will- I think I would leave out the keyhole in the neckline, make it a maxi dress and use a double gauze or voile. It definitely needs a much more drapey fabric. I do not have a stick figure and the pleating in the front provides me with curves in places that would make strangers ask when the baby is due.... Ahem. No, thank you, on the awkwardness.

Since it is March- the end of the sunless season and, as my hubby puts it, have legs that look like I'm wearing white tights, I will spare you the blinding pictures of me wearing the dress. Maybe in August. Only maybe.


  1. It's crazy cute; love your fabric choice!

  2. This dress will look so good on you! Love it! Great work!

    Have a super great sewing and stitching day!

  3. That's a sweet dress and will surely look even sweeter on you.