Friday, April 6, 2012

Finished Pillow!

Cathedral Windows Pillow {tutorial from here}
 Here is my finished pillow! I'm really loving how it turned out! And I must say, it really looks good in my living room! I chose a white border and the back is navy.

Once I finished the pillow,  I realized that I didn't have an 18-inch pillow form anywhere in my house, so I got creative (thrifty) and made one. Did you know an old pillow case makes a great pillow form? Who doesn't have old pillow cases laying around? I trimmed a white stardard pillow case down to 18 1/4 inches, leaving two of the original seams intact. Then I sewed up the other two sides,minus a gap to fill it. I filled it with some fiberfill that I had laying around, and finished it off. It literally took me five minutes and it was essentially free!

I like this pillow so much, that I now have a problem- I think I need a new quilt for my sofa... and maybe another pillow.... I could redo the dog bed, too.... The other side of my sofa is just looking so lonely without a colorful pillow. And my poor old quilt doesn't match the new pillow. Oh, no. I'm feeling a room re-do coming on... That's the problem with small projects- They inspire larger ones!


  1. It turned out really nice! Looks great! Sounds like you have some more sewing ahead!

  2. It looks great on your couch! Sorry if I made you want to do more! ;)